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Companies where we have completed work:  Coca Cola, Cost Saver Supermarkets, The Red Lion-Maingate Hotel, Albertson's,  My Grandmother's house, The Radisson Hotel,  The Grand Hotel,  The Las Vegas Hilton,   Westfield Mall Escondido,  The Buena Park Mall, Things Remembered,  Motel 6, Seagram's Bldg. Los Angeles,  Office Depot,  Avenues,  Abercrombie and Fitch's Hollister,  The Dress Barn,  The Boot Barn,  Senior Living Communities; including Leisure World. 

Hometown Carpet Company of Orange County, California salutes each and every one of our heroic  Military Personnel !   Thank you for protecting us all.

殢sp;   Welcome to Hometown Carpet Company. We are based in Anaheim, California. We are able to provide services to Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties.   We provide flooring from all major suppliers in the flooring industry at  competitive pricing and we offer very "high quality" installations, which are surpassed only by our level of customer service. The owner of Hometown Carpet Company has installed over 1,000,000 yards of carpet, and painted buildings since the year 1975, in Orange County and surrounding areas with his own two hands. We know that quality still  matters to some people. For those of you in the Sun City area, you know the founder of Hometown Carpet Company, my dad, Clint Sr., is one of the friendliest and honest guys you will ever meet.  If Quality installation and having somebody you can trust, in your home, are your priorities, then please call us. You have our personal "one year guarantee" on all installations. We are experts in flooring installation. If any job our company installs, has a problem, due to installation, the owner, Clint Jr,  will fix it personally, if necessary. Where else in this world can you get a guarantee like that?稹 take our word for it ?굳t check these "testimonials". <----- Place your mouse arrow on the word "testimonials"ᮤ click the button. It will take you to our client testimonial page. Call us for any type of job and we will cheerfully discuss helping you. 

Our Mission      

䨥 owner has installed flooring,  painted, and done general construction/maintenance and repairs, for 36 years, and  will provide a high quality service for all accepted clients. We will leave all clients with a high level of satisfaction and confidence in their purchase. We will put the client first and provide the highest quality customer service in Orange County and surrounding areas.

Company Profile

殢sp; We have installed flooring since the year 1976 and our experience will guarantee your flooring installation to be free from defects. We give a 1 year guarantee on all of Hometown Carpet Company's flooring Installations in addition to the manufacturer's product warranty. We make your flooring installation a beautiful experience. We are experienced in all phases of installations including: Residential, Commercial, property management, and proprietary flooring applications. 

     We  have installed flooring for many companies and clients, since the year 1976.  You will deal directly with the owner.  If you want it done right, call us. We are Hometown Carpet Company and we love to make your living space beautiful !


   We reserve the right, to work for whom we decide.  All work is done by appointment and contract only. Furthermore, Clint Lillard Jr., must personally approve, by signature,  any contract signed between any persons, using the name: Hometown Carpet Company. 


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(714) 595-7065 
Postal address:
PO BOX 5012 
          Anaheim, CA. 92814
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